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Another Member Of Trump’s Administration Resigns After Only 3 Months On The Job

Another day and another Donald Trump administrator bites the dust. This time, it’s the Department of Homeland Security Chief, and although his tenure wasn’t as short as Anthony Scaramucci’s. It was still really short.

According to The Hill, The chief information officer at the Department of Homeland Security has resigned from his position after only three months on the job.  Although the news just came out, Richard Staropoli, who is a former secret service agent, gave his ‘two weeks’ in last week. He will stick around until September.

According to a DHS spokesman, In his exit, deputy chief information officer Stephen Rice will serve as acting CIO until President Trump appoints a new person to fill the role.

When Staropoli was first brought on, he had a lot planned for the department saying,

“We now occupy one floor, once space in a trading floor concept, so when I need to get something done or a vendor needs to come up and we need to address a problem, I’ve got every entity I need in one spot. That cuts down on bureaucracy and allows me the maximum benefit of maximizing my time, so we can achieve results.”

But now, he has clearly had a change of heart, like many of the other people who have decided that working for Trump is not a good career path.

Source: newcenturytimes.com

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