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Body language expert reveals what Melania Trump was REALLY hiding at press conference

DONALD TRUMP, the President of the United States, held a press conference with his wife Melania on Tuesday and spoke about drug issues and the North Korea Kim Jong Un threat. A body language expert reveals exactly what Melania really thought about her husband’s impassioned speech.

Donald Trump held a press conference on Tuesday at a golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, and spoke about a range of issues from drugs to the nuclear threat from North Korea.

The President threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” – and also spoke about how he believed America could overcome drug issues. This comes after unearthed archived footage revealed what Trump really thinks about North Korea.

As he addressed his audience, First Lady Melania Trump sat on his left hand side. While she didn’t say anything, what did her body language reveal?

Body Language Expert, presenter and keynote speaker Darren Stanton spoke to Express.co.uk and decoded the press conference.

The expert revealed that, while it was quite difficult to gauge Melania fully in the clip, as she only appears at the edge of the camera frame, but she does remain in the camera shot throughout the press conference.

Darren said: “Her facial expressions are congruent with someone who is in agreement with what is being said by President Trump.

“At key moments we see subtle head nods which appear to happen unconsciously. This means her behaviour is consistent with what she is hearing and processing.”

As a body language expert, Darren looks for subtleties within someone’s non verbal behaviour that betray or are incongruent with their situation.

Donald and Melania Trump press conference

Melania Trump’s facial expressions are congruent with someone in agreement with Donald

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