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BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Impeachment Odds Just Shot Way up Ahead of Russia Probe

Impeachment is a word that is getting thrown around more and more these days when it comes to President Trump. While no Democrat was a fan of his platform when he was running for office, consistent leaks and investigations have revealed a staggering amount of national security concerns regarding many …

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Republican Governor Jokes About Shooting Reporters

Just two days after Greg Gianforte assaulted a reporter, Greg Abbot, the Republican governor of Texas, joked about shooting journalists. Abbot made the comments while at a gun range, after signing a bill that would make Texas’s already lenient gun laws even more gun-friendly. He even showed reporters his marksmanship: …

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Hillary Clinton DEMOLISHES Trump At College Commencement Speech, Compares Him To Nixon!

During the Wellesley College Commencement on Friday, Hillary Clinton talked about her disappointment in the election, her future, and what the students could do to steer the country back to sanity. And, of course, a little bit of humor and inspiration. “You may have heard that things didn’t exactly go …

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Belgian Leader Just Revealed That Trump Whined About Golf Resorts To Justify Bullying Europe

Yesterday, after antagonizing America’s strongest European allies, President Trump sat down for a meeting with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel and confessed his big complaint with the continent. He has struggled to build golf resorts there. The Guardian reports multiple sources revealed that Trump’s antagonism to the European Union (EU) …

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The Senate Intel Committee Just Gave Trump Awful News About The Russia Investigation

The Trump-Russia investigation is speeding towards the truth. While special prosecutor Robert Mueller pursues the president’s collusion and treason independently, the Senate Intelligence Committee continues its own inquiry into the scandal. The first big step for both groups is gathering up all the available information scattered throughout numerous government agencies …

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