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Trump Does Not Believe The FBI – White House Rejects Denial of Wiretapping Claims

trump does not believe the fbi

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders today claimed that president Donald Trump does not believe the FBI’s denials about the Trump Tower not being wiretapped. “I don’t think he does,” Huckabee Sanders said, adding that many medias already pointed out the possibility that president Barack Obama DID wiretap Trump Tower. …

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SHOCKING: Trump Accuses Obama of Wiretapping During Presidential Campaign

obama wiretapping trump

Donald Trump made the war with Barack Obama escalate even more as a committee in the Congress agreed to take a look into his allegations that the former president abused their powers in last year’s campaign. President Trump made a post on Twitter very early this Saturday accusing the former …

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Mark Levin Literally DESTROYS Obama Over Allegations of Wiretapping Trump [Video]

Levin destroys Obama

During an appearance on “Fox and Friends” on Sunday morning, the conservative radio host Mark Levin explained why he believes that former president Barack Obama without a doubt spied on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump during last year’s presidential elections. Levin spent nearly half the interview laying out evidence that justified …

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Barbra Streisand: Donald Trump Is Making Me Gain Weight!

streisand trump

Barbra Streisand tweeted on Saturday that the news about Donald Trump affected her morning routine. “I start the day with liquids, but after the morning news, I eat pancakes smothered in maple syrup!” was the singer’s tweet on Saturday. She said that Donald Trump was making her gain weight. She …

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UNBELIEVABLE: Violent Protesters Beat Pro-Trump Demonstrators and Burn American Flags!

Shockingly, a small riot erupted this Saturday afternoon in Berkeley, California, after violent protesters attacked pro-Trump demonstrators and allegedly began a confrontation which turned violent. The confrontation happened on a day when Americans all over the country held peaceful demonstrations to support president Donald Trump, free speech, and America. According …

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A Non-Expected Twist: The Deportation Push of Donald Trump Will Boost Mexican Economy

Deportation Will Boost Mexican Economy

Washington Post stated that the new immigration policies of president Donald Trump will help grow the Mexican economy. Economist Luis de la Calle predicted that the average wages in Mexico will drop as more qualified people get back to the country to compete for scarce jobs. This would mean that …

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