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White House Visitors Get The MOST UNEXPECTED Surprise!


The White House reopened to public tours on Tuesday for the first time since the inauguration, and President Trump gave an unexpected surprise to everyone by coming out from behind a wooden screen to greet a group of schoolchildren. The children started screaming out of joy and delight as President …

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The REAL RUSSIAN SCANDAL that Needs Investigation

russian scandal

There is no evidence whatsoever regarding allegations of Donald Trump’s campaign working with Russia to impact the 2016 presidential elections. However, there is a well-documented Russian scandal that involves Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. Read on to find out more! Could it be that all this smoke-and-mirrors intrigue is …

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WIRETAPPING INCIDENT: 3 Big Denials of Obama Look Like Non-Denials!


At this moment, I believe we are all familiar with the wiretapping scandal in the White House. If you’re one of those few who still haven’t heard of it, then you can read more about it here. The allegations from President Trump blaming Obama for wiretapping his phones in the …

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TRAVEL BAN PROTEST: Protesters Want SOMETHING Unbelievable!

travel ban protest

President Donald Trump signed a new travel ban, which upset dozens of protesters who took to Lindbergh Field to share voice their frustrations Monday night. The travel ban protest aims to convince the government to open America’s gates to EVERYONE!   The President signed a reworked version of his controversial travel ban …

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Donald Trump Hires SOMEONE Whose RELATIVE Openly Voted For Hillary!

andrew Guiliani

President Donald Trump has appointed Andrew Guiliani, the son of the former Mayor of New York Rudy Guiliani to a position in the White House, according to a statement made in Politico. Andrew Guiliani, who is 31 years old and is a former professional golfer and the son of Guiliani’s …

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Trump’s VOICE Program Gets Another GREAT Supporter

Remembrance Project

The group that has pushed the oh-so-long ignored problem of illegal-alien crime into the Nation’s politics is opening a headquarters in Washington, D.C. And all this to support Trump’s VOICE program! The Remembrance Project founded by Maria Espinoza in 2009 and the group launched the Stolen Lives Quilt project to let …

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Loretta Lynch Makes DISTURBING Video For the American People

Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch delivered a video that greatly reminds people of a call-for-action – but not a good one. What does she mean when she talks about ordinary people coming together marching, bleeding and dying? Seriously, how does peaceful and lawful protesting translate into blood and death? Is she calling for …

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Trump’s GREATEST opponent Revealed – And It’s NOT The Democrats!

Trump's greatest opponent

Majority Americans believe the establishment media is Trump’s greatest opponent. It is the definite primary political opponent to President Trump, according to a new poll by TIPP. People are aware and see that there is a constant negative vibe spreading around the media when it comes to the agenda of President …

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Kellyanne Conway: Trump Wants Investigation Into Alleged Wiretapping Activities

Kellyanne Conway

President Donald Trump rightfully asks for an investigation into allegations that the former president Barack Obama ordered his offices at Trump Tower to be wiretapped during the 2016 presidential election campaign. He states loudly and clearly that the American people “should know what the truth is. Kellyanne Conway confirms his …

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