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Antifa Thug BURNS American Flag – Gets NASTY Dose Of INSTANT JUSTICE

Antifa Thug

In recent months, liberals have taken to burning American flags to show how much they hate both Donald Trump and this country. The mainstream media has ingrained this anti-American attitude in them so deeply that they actually think they will be allowed to get away with flag-burning with no consequences. …

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According to: hillary4prisoner One man decided to discover the truth about the gas companies selling to Americans like you and me. Hi name was Tom O’Halloran and once he completed his research he posted a lengthy blog post about the topic. In short, you should know where your gas is …

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Poll: Not a Single White House Reporter Is a Republican

White House Reporter

Not a single member of the White House press corps is a registered Republican, according to survey results recently published by Politico. Those results are buried in a story this week on President Barack Obama’s relationship with the press. An infographic posted in the story reveals that not a single …

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Colin Kaepernick Finally Learns His Fate For Disrespecting The Nation Over And Over Again

Kaepernick Finally Learns

Last year, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick repeatedly made headlines for refusing to stand for the national anthem to protest “racism.” Now, this controversial move has come back to haunt him. After a terrible season, Kaepernick was dropped from the team, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to …

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BREAKING : Greg Abbott “Getting My Pen Warmed Up” to Sign Sanctuary City BAN


Texas Governor Greg Abbott is excited to sign a bill that will force cities and counties to comply with federal immigration policies. He’s so looking forward to signing the bill, that he said he’s getting his “pen warmed up” in a tweet on Tuesday. We love that!   From Washington …

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BREAKING: Caitlyn Jenner Announces She Is Running For Office After President Trump Does This

Caitlyn Jenner

According to reports, Caitlin Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) announced that she is “seriously considering” running for office. The Olympic-athlete-turned-reality-star admits she voted for Donald Trump but is ‘loyal’ to the LGBT community. “My loyalties are not with Donald Trump,” Jenner said in a recently interview. “I will come …

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Idiot Maxine Waters Claims She “Put Her Career on the Line” to Resist Trump

maxine waters

Idiot Maxine Waters who famously thinks Trump should be impeached for coming up with the nickname “Crooked Hillary” and thinks Putin invaded Korea when he invaded Crimea, is claiming she “put her career on the line” to resist Trump. Maxine Waters is 78 years old and lives in an ultra-liberal …

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Trump Catches John McCain In Most Sickening Act Of White House History

John McCain

In the past few months, Arizona Senator John McCain has been on a personal vendetta to destroy President Donald Trump. Now, it looks like his pitiful revenge strategy may be costing him his career. Since Trump took office, the White House has been plagued with information leaks to the public. …

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