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NEWT GINGRICH IS GENIUS! What He Just Said to Trump Will Shut Down The 9th Circuit Court Forever


After the liberal 9th circuit court blocked ANOTHER one of President Trump’s orders, Newt Gingrich just laid out the plan to shut them down! President Trump’s Social Media director Tweeted out this video of Newt’s comments and it’s going VIRAL! Newt explains that the founders set up our system so …

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IT’S OVER! Sean Spicer Just Went on Live TV & ENDED The Democratic Party


A Federal Judge blocked Trump’s order to defund Sanctuary Cities and Sean Spicer is not happy about it. He just went on Fox News and DESTROYED the Democrats who are not allowing President Trump to enforce the law! This comes just one day after President Trump Tweeted to the judge, “I’ll see you in …

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obama gay

OH BARRY… We all knew that Obama hated America, but now his new biography (set for release in early May), has proved it. Not only that, but it reveals that as a young man in college, Obama “considered Gayness” and also deemed America a “racist society”. Full scoop from the …

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Pulitzer Winning Biographer: Obama Considered Gay Lifestyle as a Young Man.

breaking obama

David Garrow, author of Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Martin Luther King Jr., Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference has now written a 1,472 page book about the life of Barack Hussein Obama.  The book is due to be released on May 9, 2017. From …

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JUST IN: George Soros In DEEP Trouble….

George SOROS

Hungarian-American investor George Soros is officially on the radar. On Wednesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a blistering speech in the European Parliament, exposing Soros’ power to an international community and demanding that his country stand against attacks from the far-left funder. “I know that the power, size and weight of Hungary is …

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JUST IN: Obama Gets ANOTHER $400,000…


If anyone thinks former President Barack Obama’s planned $400,000 Wall Street speech was a “fluke,” they need to think again. On Thursday, former Obama received a whopping $400,000 speaking fee for a short appearance at an A&E Network event, which was swept under the rug. Free Beacon reports: The “History Makers lunch” was …

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BREAKING: Top Democrat Gets Worst News Of His Career…


Top Democrat and House Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Adam Schiff is in some deep trouble. On Friday, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch — the same group who exposed Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server and forced the mainstream media to cover her negligence as head of the State Department — called for a …

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