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WATCH: Liberal Scumbag Caught Stomping on The Flag By Our Troops – Gets BRUTAL Surprise Of A Lifetime

Liberal Scumbag

In a blatant disregard for everything, our great nation stands for and to all those who have sacrificed so much to protect her. A typical Baltimore Maryland resident has taken it upon herself to do the most disrespectful act you can do to the greatest symbol of freedom our great …

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BREAKING: After Trump BOMBED THE HELL Out Of… Look Which MAJOR Leader Was Taken Down Today


The U.S. military killed Taliban “shadow governor” Quari Tayib in an airstrike, further destabilizing the group’s activities in Afghanistan. The airstrike hit the Archi district of Kunduz province and killed Tayib, a high-level Taliban operative, whom the U.S. has been trying to target since 2011. Tayib, a shadow governor of Takhar …

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Video: Disgusting Will Smith says ‘Cleanse’ America of Trump supporters

Disgusting Will Smith

Video: Disgusting Will Smith says ‘Cleanse’ America of Trump supporters Actor Will Smith recently said something that would have been considered offensive and dare I say racist when he made comments about Trump and Trump supporters. Being a narrow-minded Hollywood hypocrite, Smith apparently thinks Trump and Trump supporters are white …

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Well, Well, Well, Maxine Waters’ Dirty Personal Secret Is Out That She’s Been Hiding For Months – She’s DONE!

Maxine Waters’ Dirty Personal Secret

California boasts movie stars, beautiful coasts and incredibly out of touch politicians. They are absolutely basking in the crazy, having elected not just Nancy Pelosi, but outspoken and outdated spitfire Maxine Waters. Waters has the reputation as being extremely critical of the President, his cabinet, and pretty much anyone or anything …

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Trump’s Team Just Took Immigrants’ Favorite Freebie From 9 Sanctuary Cities – Let The Riots Begin!

Immigrants’ Favorite Freebie

Hell Yeah! It’s happening folks! The reason most of us supported, worked for and supported Candidate Donald Trump is finally happening. United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially sent 9 Sanctuary cities a letter notifying them that the US Attorney General’s office will no longer be looking the other way …

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NEWT GINGRICH IS P*SSED! What He Just Told Sean Hannity Will Shut Down Democrats Forever!

Newt Gingrich CONFIRMED

Newt Gingrich has had enough! The former speaker joined Sean Hannity and he said the 1 thing that we’ve all been thinking. The 1 thing that exposes who liberals really are. While talking about how liberals are shutting down free speech on college campuses, and targeting Fox News, he called …

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CNN Reporter Tries To Embarrass Sean Spicer, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it

sean spicer

Sean Spicer had a HEATED exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta today over President Trump’s proposed wall. First, Acosta asked one of the worst questions ever, in an attempt to embarrass Sean Spicer. Acosta said, “If border crossings are down, is the wall even necessary?” Sean Spicer was shocked to hear such a …

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BREAKING: Trump Drops Everything To Go To Hospital With Melania – Here’s Who Else Is There

Trump Drops Everything

President Donald Trump has a lot on his plate and frequently turns his weekends into work days, as he tirelessly forges ahead to get America back on track. However, today, he dropped everything to go the hospital with Melania, and now we know who else is there for an incredibly …

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No One Would Help Murdered Police Officer’s Family, But Then Tom Brady Came To The Rescue and Did Incredible Thing!

Murdered Police Officer’s Family

Ronald Tarentino Jr. was lost to a horrific murder crime. His family was struggling with coping, expenses, and it seemed like literally, no one cared. That’s when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots stepped in to help the family of the murdered police officer. The wonderful people of a …

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