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Trump Goes On Retweeting Frenzy During Friday Morning Twitter Spazz-Out

After a week of being deserted by members of his manufacturing council and chastised by politicians from his own party, President Trump has been in desperate need of an ego boost. This morning, seemingly in order to bolster his self-esteem, he’s been busy retweeting people who have good things to …

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New York Times Just Interviewed Trump’s Biracial Ex-Girlfriend; What She Says About Him Will SHOCK You

In an exclusive interview, New York Times sat down with Kara Young, who happened to be Trump’s biracial ex-girlfriend. The Times learned about Trump past and his rather rocky relationship with African Americans. Young reportedly dated Trump for two years, right before he married Melania. The biracial model expressed that …

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Kellyanne Conway Breaks DOWN AndTweets About ‘Jihadi’ Terrorists In LUNATIC Thursday PM Rant

Throughout his campaign, President Trump repeatedly criticized Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for not being more willing to use the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” In October of last year, for example, he said during a general election debate with Clinton: ‘These are radical Islamic terrorists. To solve a problem, you …

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Longtime Trump Business Associates Makes Wild Trump/Prison Claim

The deep dive that Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller’s team has taken into the world of the president and his associates has led them to the apparent conclusion that financial crimes have been committed. One of the most recent high profile developments in the Russia investigation was …

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Trump Loses It And Blames ‘Fake News’ For His Biggest MISTAKE

Donald Trump has been heavily criticized for many things since first entering the political arena. Making disparaging blanket statements about Mexican immigrants by calling them “rapists” and “drug dealers,” retweeting a meme from a neo-Nazi blaming people of color for 86 percent of the murders of white people in America, …

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Trump Is Collapsing – His Entire White House Staff Is Talking Mass Walk Out

According to CNBC, they are getting reports that President Trump’s entire White House staff is discussing a mass walk out, questioning whether or not they even want to be affiliated with the administration anymore. While this would be unprecedented, it’s hardly unbelievable given the public relations nightmare Trump has received …

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