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Trump In Shambles – Top Republican Abruptly & Unexpectedly Resigns

Many people’s eyes are already focused on the 2018 midterm elections, with Democrats hoping to ride a wave of anti-Trump sentiment to carry a number of Congressional seats large enough to offset their humiliating 2016 losses and take a majority in at least the House of Representatives if not the …

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Trump Turns On Republicans To Join Forces With Democrats & The GOP Is Livid

Recently, Donald Trump threatened that he would support a government shutdown in order to force Congress to come up with the money to build his wall upon the Mexican border. However, it turns out that particular threat may have been all talk. CNN has reported that Trump has reached a deal with …

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Trump Just Mentally Collapsed – Republicans Got Themselves In Deep Trouble

Trump’s mental collapse is being noticed in the battleground states, as a new poll shows deep and widespread voter concern about Trump’s behavior and the threat that he poses to the country. According to the George Washington University Battleground Poll: The survey, taken August 13-17, found a large majority of …

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The Republican Party Must IMPEACH Trump Otherwise They Are Doomed – Here Is Why

You’ve probably heard the story. It’s said that in ancient Rome, the emperor had a member of the Praetorian Guard who, amid all the pomp and all the accolades, would stand behind him and murmur: “Remember, Caesar, thou art mortal.” Sadly, the Little Caesar who currently rules the United States …

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Bad intel from Russia influenced Comey’s Clinton announcement: report

Former FBI Director James Comey’s controversial decision to detail the FBI’s findings in the Hillary Clinton email case without Justice Department input was influenced by a dubious Russian document that the FBI now considers to be bad intelligence, The Washington Post reported Wednesday. The secret document, which purported to be a …

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IT’S OVER! Democrats Are FREAKING Out About What Newt Gingrich Just Revealed on Live TV


Newt Gringrich nails it again! Just one day after President Trump fired James Comey, Gingrich joined Hannity and was on fire! As a historian, Gingrich is outraged by all comparisons liberals are making between Comey’s firing and “Watergate.” He broke it down simply to Sean Hannity, just how stupid this comparison is. After Hannity asked …

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OMG! 1 Day After James Comey Got Fired, WATCH Hannity Expose Him For Who he REALLY is


Just 1 day after President Trump fired James Comey, Sean Hannity exposed the real reason why. Hannity actually one of the most consistent critics of Comey, and has been calling for his firing for weeks. Hannity went on Live TV and revealed the SICK crimes that Comey was complicit in. He looked …

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Liberal MELTDOWN! NUTS are falling from the HYPOCRITE Tree!

liberal meltdown

The democrats should be ashamed of themselves. They are 100% phony hypocrites. (VIDEO BELOW) The dems wanted James Comey canned, and fake news media outlets went on and on about it. Follow Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump The Democrats have said some of the worst things about James Comey, including the fact …

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It’s Over: Trump Just Made Russia Agree To Do Something Inconceivable After Meeting Today

trump russia

The media is sure making a really big deal out of the whole James Comey firing. What they are NOT telling you about is the incredible deal President Trump struck with Russia today. The President had a meeting this morning with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. However, it was what Sergei …

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POW! Lou Dobbs Delivers KO PUNCH to Obama’s Interfering!

lou dobbs obama

Obama promised to be quiet and go away, but he keeps interfering and meddling with Trump’s administration in the shadows. Obama is a political schmuck trying to keep his failed and toxic legacy, while “training” other political puppets behind closed doors, working against President Trump. (VIDEO BELOW) Historically in the …

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