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French President Macron Admits He Crushed Trump’s Tiny Hand to Prove He Won’t be Bullied

France’s Macron Awkward Handshake With Trump Was Completely Intentional.

The extended and very awkward handshake between France’s President Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump was actually intentional and apparently had quite a message behind it. A recent interview of Macron with Journal du Dimanche revealed that the handshake between the two Heads of State before the failed NATO summit was “not innocent” at all, and intended to show the U.S. President something: that France will not make even the smallest of concessions. According to the BBC, he called it the “moment of truth.”  As quoted by Politico, France’s president said;

“My handshake with him was not innocent. We need to show that we won’t make small concessions, even symbolic ones, while not over hyping things either.”

The awkward encounter between the two new Presidents concluded with a grip so firm that it made both men’s knuckles turn white, adding to an already peculiar scene, as Trump tried to left go and Macron refused to let him. Clearly, Macron decided when and how to let go; in a clear effort to gain the controversial US president’s respect. Trump believes he can treat others however he wants and that every other country must bend to his wishes, but as the French leader added;

“Donald Trump, the Turkish president or the Russian president believe in the logic of the trial of strength, which doesn’t bother me. I don’t believe in the diplomacy of public invective, but in my bilateral dialogues, I don’t let anything pass, that is how we are respected.“

Macron made it clear: France will neither be bullied nor shoved aside by Trump.

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