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Melania Posts Pic Of W.H. Interns & Twitter Immediately Tells Her To Shove It

On Monday morning, Melania Trump tweeted a picture of the most recent group of White House interns. Twitter was not kind and people quickly picked up on the lack of diversity exhibited in the first lady’s photo.

Many people responded to Melania regarding the lack of diversity.

There were also comments like this one that just demonstrate the complete idiocy of Trump supporters. What a huge embarrassment to the Kennedy family.

Other comments centered around wanting to know what Melania is doing as the first lady, which seems to be a mystery to most people these days.  She promised to tackle the issue of cyberbullying. How is she doing with that project now?

Shockingly, Melania tweeted the following comment herself!

Well, she may be correct if she is assuming that impeachment for having an affair with an intern might be considered more serious than the current investigations into Russian collusion. At least the GOP has led us to believe they would rather oust a president for infidelity rather than serious treason and outright corruption.

Lastly, one commenter left some important advice for the interns.

Source: bipartisanreport.com

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