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Melania Takes To Twitter But Ignores Recent U.S. Shipwreck Tragedy

Donald Trump and his family are out on vacation at Camp David this weekend.  A secluded area about 70 Miles away from the White House that’s run by the government and U.S. Navy. Very Different from their usual quick trips to New York and Florida. Presidents before him have made several trips to the camp during their time in office. It’s like tradition.

Speaking of the Navy, heartbreaking news broke early this morning of a USS Fitzgerald Shipwreck that killed several U.S. sailors. The story is still developing. And although the Trumps are on vacation one would expect that they would mention and pay their respects. Especially as our leaders. Trump did. Tweeting out,

Thoughts and prayers with the sailors of USS Fitzgerald and their families. Thank you to our Japanese allies for their assistance.

However, Melania seems to be too busy relaxing to fulfill her First-Lady duties. Or to even care.

FLOTUS has yet to make a statement. Instead, she took to Twitter to post a pretty boring photo of her vacation time.

Well, you know Twitter was NOT going to let her just enjoy her vacation in peace. Especially while ignoring the navy tragedy. They just started to go in. Some even mentioning her sketchy past.

It’s safe to say, as long as Melania continues to ignore her duties as First Lady of The United States, Twitter will make sure she doesn’t rest. Do some damn work, Melania! While you are beautiful, that’s not going to help ‘Make America Great Again’. Get your hands dirty. Call Michelle Obama for some pointers. She’s the best to ever do it.

Our condolences and prayers of strength to the families and friends of those fallen sailors.

Source: newcenturytimes.com

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