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New York Subway Ads Troll Trump Hard & It’s SAD! We’ve Come To This (IMAGE)

In the aftermath of 9/11, New York City launched the “If you see something, say something” campaign. The campaign placed ads across the city’s subway system which encouraged New Yorkers to speak up if they saw a suspicious package or a person behaving suspiciously. It’s impossible to take a New York subway without seeing one of these ads. They’re nearly as common as the delays. For the most part, these ads don’t change, but recently someone put up some new ads which encouraged people to watch their elected representatives as well as their surroundings.

‘I felt like a hero for reporting what I saw. But what scares me more than an unattended package is an unattended politician. We have to keep an eye on how our representatives vote and hold them accountable.’

via Occupy Democrats

‘I knew to report the unattended bag I saw. But why wasn’t I also encouraged to speak up when I saw my government destabilizing the Middle East which led to increased terrorism in the first place.’

The ads maintain the same core message as the other “See Something, Say Something” ads and even include a number to call to report suspicious activity. However, they also include the #resist which has become popular on Twitter as a way to identify those opposed to Trump. As of right now, it’s unclear who placed these ads. It is possible that the city placed them, but that has not been confirmed. One of the ads, however, is very self-aware and made for an amusing read.

‘I wish everyone reported suspicious stuff like I did. But I don’t fool myself. I just try to stay happy even though I know some activity, like people tampering with subway ads, is going to slip by.’

Sadly, as amusing as these ads are, it is unlikely Trump will ever see them. After all, it would be surprising if Trump or any of his family ever had to step foot on a subway train in their entire lives. Maybe someone will tweet about it on Twitter, and he can rant about New York City loving him and how he would have won the state if he focused on the popular vote.

Source: bipartisanreport.com

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