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New York Times Columnist DESTROYS Trumpcare AND Donald Trump, “Every Single Word Is A Lie”

The American Health Care Act, which Congress voted for last week, was met with sharp criticism. And the more people understand the bill, the more detrimental for Americans it looks. But it’s more than just bad policies. According to Paul Krugman in the New York Times, it’s a Republican lie:

“It’s a miserably designed law, full of unintended consequences. It’s a moral disaster, snatching health care from tens of millions mainly to give the very wealthy a near-trillion-dollar tax cut,” Krugman writes. “What really stands out, however, is the Orwell-level dishonesty of the whole effort. As far as I can tell, every word Republicans, from Trump on down, have said about their bill — about why they want to replace Obamacare, about what their replacement would do, and about how it would work — is a lie, including ‘a,’ ‘and’ and ‘the.’”

Nothing but a lie—as most Americans have felt, looking at the bill. As Krugman described:

“Even without a proper analysis, however, it’s clear that Trumpcare breaks every promise Republicans ever made about health. Deductibles will rise, not fall, as insurers are set free to offer lower-quality coverage. Premiums may fall for a handful of young, healthy, affluent people, but will rise and in many cases soar for those who are older (because age spreads will rise), sicker (because protection against discrimination based on medical history will be taken away), and poorer (because subsidies will go down).

“Many people with pre-existing conditions will find insurance either completely unavailable or totally out of their financial reach.

And Medicaid will be cut back, with the damage worsening over time.”

Krugman calls the entire bill “a deliberate act of betrayal” that reveals “the shape of things to come.” America is going to suffer because of the GOP’s lies, and the GOP will laugh and call themselves “pro-life” as they watch.

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