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Trump Responds To The Death Of Seven Sailors – The Internet Eats Him Alive

Donald Trump has established the unprofessional, immature and unstable pattern of using hisTwitter account to bully people, lash at out anyone who speaks against him and pass along the selective information that he wants people to know at a given moment. However, to that end, his Twitter use is arguably one of the single biggest things working against him, coming second only to the things he says verbally.

Ironically, where matters that Trump should use Twitter are concerned, especially those things that may need to be addressed at times that speaking through the media may not be practical, Donald Trump has been routinely quiet on social media. If he hasn’t been silent, then he has chosen to use time that he should be addressing important topics to clamor on about nonsense.

One such case of Trump using Twitter to spout foolishness when he should be addressing a matter of importance occurred in the past few days. While the Navy sailors were missing, Trump said very little in support of the search, wishing the families well, etc. However, hewas going on rants about the witch hunt he feels he’s the target of.

Even as news unfolded on Sunday that the sailors had unfortunately been found dead, Trump said nothing. Therefore, when Trump finally tweeted his condolences, it didn’t go over well and people were quick to let him know his fake concern was too little, too late.

Trump tweeted:

Some quickly pointed out the lack of attention Trump paid to the missing sailors before they were found deceased:

One person pointed out how quick Trump was to condemn the mayor of London, but didn’t care to be more timely with speaking on matters that impact the people he is supposed to be most concerned about:

Someone else mentioned that President Obama beat Trump to posting a message:

Donald should really care more about matters that truly impact the country than he does his approval rating, number of Twitter followers, people making up conspiracies against him and other things that really are irrelevant to everyone but himself.

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