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Trump Tweets About Lawyer, Then Deletes It – Screenshot Captured (IMAGE)

Trump is apparently pretty angry at his attorney, Jay Sekulow, after he deleted a tweet endorsing Sekulow’s appearance on Fox & Friends. In what is being interpreted as a public diss, Trump was possibly angered at the fact that Sekulow wasn’t performing up to Trump’s standards.

Check out the tweet below via screenshot:

Trump tweeted the plug at around 8am, and it wasn’t until much later, during Sekulow’s interview, that the tweet magically disappeared. By then it had already been retweeted thousands of times.

Knowing how petty President Trump is, this was a calculated and manipulative move meant to publicly humiliate the lawyer, as well as tarnish his reputation, and terrify him at the very least.

Sekulow’s round of morning talk show interviews proved to mind-numbingly boring, with many people tuning out before Trump even decided to go to Twitter to delete his supposed friendly show of support.

Here is the awful interview below via YouTube:

Source: bipartisanreport.com


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