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Trump Uses Meeting To Unleash Disrespect On Tech Companies And Take Jabs At The DNC

Monday, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and his senior advisor hosted a meeting with Tech CEOs. Trump’s first order of business in that meeting was to throw jabs at Hillary and the DNC while finding a way to insult the companies present.

CNBC correspondent, Kayla Tausche, tweeted about the moments. Saying that Trump’s comment was met with laughs and groans.

This from the man who complained that Hillary was obsessing over emails because she lost. Remember this tweet,

But now he’s shading her about the emails. What a hypocrite.

According to CNBC, Akamai is best known for its content delivery network (CDN) business, which is used by big websites to deliver content like video more efficiently. But it also offers services that protect against certain types of cyber-attacks that can affect website reliability.  

Then he went and measured bank accounts with the established CEO in attendance. ‘Jokingly’ saying that trillions of dollars they have brought in through their companies is chump change compared to what he’s made in the past.

According to the CNBC report,  tech companies have more money and influence than ever in many respects.

But leave it to Trump to make it about him for the umpteenth time. And here he is bringing up Hillary because he has nothing else to talk about. He shouldn’t be allowed to go ANY MEETINGS acting like this. Who cares if he ‘s POTUS. He doesn’t act like it!

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